the focus of this blog will be about the creation of new types of assets and markets associated with them, including derivatives like futures and options to help mitigate risk. The assets I have in mind have an intrinsic value to humanity that isn’t based on debt. Rather, they will be based on people’s work and the data they generate as they go about their everyday lives. These assets and their derivative markets will offer the world new ways to store value and create options for investing that grow the real economy -- not just the stock market -- in a healthy way. Right now, the global economy is growing in a way that’s unsustainable for the human population, wealth stability, income equality and the environment. These assets will be based on new technology that will be used to record the work of real people and motivate them to have positive social impacts. Commoditization of assets we currently don’t have a method for attaching a value to, such as data or stem cells, will be key to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges by incentivizing behavior that benefits humanity. Such an approach would not only enable people to capture value they are creating through new types of work but also profit from value extracted from the public domain.