About the Blog

My name is Yonatan ben Shimon. I’m a crypto builder,  investor and thinker . in this blog I want to speak about the creation of new forms of assets

assets with a real and internal value in the world that is not based on debt and which can give alternatives to the people of the world on where to store their hard cash and grow the economy in a healthy way.

 The motivation is that im worried from the economy we are living in which grows in an unsustainable way and excited from new ways to make value appear in the world. the value that is based on people work and new types of data that are captured into instruments

The impact that we want to create is New tech that can be used to record real people work and motivate them to do a good impact such as Commoditization of data, stem cells and nature that are now doesn't have a value, Solving problems with incentives built into assets. Enable people to have a value that no one can take away from them and which is not attached to other assets Capture the value that is in the public domain - nature or other ideas via daos and Capture the value that people are creating with new types of work they are doing and which the world consider to be valuable