#2 elements for creating a radical market

Underlying elements that drive assets value -  proof of a certain work that creates new coins  and underlying purpose that this asset solves:

  1. Promotes A value that lots of people have a consensus about :

  1. Promoting Agreed meme or story :

Examples :

  • Massive Identities like:  Religion, Privacy, nationality.

  • Basic truth like: health and science, evolution, gravity

  • Basic elements that are essential to anyone: water

  • World problems and trends like:  immigration, terror, reducing global health inequality etc..

  1. Proven work that someone contributed :

  1. liquidity - an easy way in and out -

Examples :

It should be possible to buy and sell this asset via the common channels that people are using today

  1. Technology that is 10x better that enable this registry :

Examples :

  • bhb ,tari and Mw confidential and independent assets

  1. A process that Solves real problem to people :

(better would be around the same community, work and story)

Type of problems :

  • Cost

  • Financial and personal Security

  • Volatility risk

  • Coordination problems - by creation of a focal points in order to promote wanted behavior

  • Making money from work or from owned assets

Examples :

  • Cost:

Isa for education security, option for medical treatment

  • Financial Security - anonymous cryptocurrency

  • Volatility risk -  future on new underlying indexes

  • Coordination problems - by creation of a focal points :for cristian people it would be promoting behavior like going to the church every sunday.

  • Making money for work and from using one owned asset or resources :

  • Selling one natural resource+ his work like oil gold etc.

. Summarize about the type of sensors and parameters that can use for measuring and creating value :

The reason why i gave it a section is that sensors are devices that capture data and which can measure real world efforts, it fundamental basic to a value of an asset because of two reasons :

  1. Value of the meaning of the data itself that was committed to the ledger .

  2. The value that derives by the work that was committed into the ledger .

Type of sensors in the world :

By the type of data :

  • Acoustic, sound, vibration

  • Automotive Sensors

  • Chemical

  • Electric current, electric potential, magnetic, radio

  • Environment, weather, moisture, humidity

  • Flow, fluid velocity

  • Ionizing radiation, subatomic particles

  • Navigation instruments

  • Position, angle, displacement, distance, speed, acceleration

  • Optical, light, imaging, photon

  • Pressure

  • Speed sensor

  • Others

Ways to connect sensors with blockchains are via oracles :

  1. The hardware oracle  

  2. Orcalized

  3. Guardtime’s Black Lantern

The ways assets can have value is by sensors are 2 fold:

  1. proving the type of work that is made by someone and in return . in bitcoin is computers that are committing hushing power for tokens.

  2. By committing valuable data for tokens.





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